Sunday, December 23, 2012

FittnesMag blogger template collection




Platform: Blogger / Blogspot

Release date : October 2012

Author :
Designer :

Template features : 3 Columns, Right Sidebar, Magazine,Wordpress Look, Header Banner, Featured Content Slider, Fixed Width, Social Widget, Dropdown Menu, Gray Background, Page Navigation Widget.

Basic tutorial :  How to instal blogger template

Configure Featured Content Slider:

Blogger dashboard --> Template --> Edit HTML --> check Expand Widget Templates

 Press control F and copy-paste code below :

  • <div class='flexslider' id='slider'>
    <ul class='slides'>
     <li class='slide'><a href='#' target='_self'><img src='.../image.jpg'/></a>
    <div class='caption'>Awesome Blogging Theme! </div></li> 
Then replace:
  • "#" with your featured post URL.
  • "image.jpg" with your slider image.

Configure Dropdown Menu:
Control F and copy-paste code below:
  • <ul class='sfmenu' id='menu-main'>
     <li><a href='#'>Category 1</a></li>
     <li><a href='#'>Category 2</a>
      <ul class='sub-menu'>
       <li><a href='#'>This is a dropdown</a></li>
Then replace "#" with your menu item URL.

Configure Social Widget:
Search for:
  • <h2>Follow Us</h2>
    <ul class='clearfix'>
     <li class='social-twitter'><a class='social-icon' href='#'><img src='.../twitter.png'/></a></li>
     <li class='social-facebook'><a class='social-icon' href='#'><img src='.../facebook.png'/></a></li>
Replace "#" with your Social Account URL.

Configure Page Navigation Widget:
search for:
  • var posts=4, // Number of posts in each page
        num=2, // Number of buttons will display

How to change Author Section:
Find this:
  • <h3 class='heading-border'><span>Author</span></h3>
    <div id='author-image'>
    <a href='#'><img class='avatar' height='60' src='.../logo.png' width='60'/></a>
    <div id='author-bio'>
    <h4>Written by <a href='#'>Admin</a></h4>
    <p>Aliquam molestie ligula vitae nunc...</p>


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