Saturday, December 22, 2012

SeoGuru Template Collection SEO Friendly


Template Collection SEO Friendly

There are so many blogspot templates that can be downloaded for free, but still a little template that really gave SEO score is high.
Template seoguru is one template SEO friendly with high scores, please check at, seoguru will give a score of 85%, compared with your blog,
what score your blog template ?
Actually a lot of blogs that are SEO Friendly Template gathering like me for example. But many do not understand the purpose of SEO Friendly Template. Mostly just concerned about the appearance templates without understanding SEO Friendly template. Ok
, do not linger longer I explain simply check the sets template really SEO Friendly below.

SeoGuru Template with score SEO 85%

Tip before changing your blogspot template, do not just look at the blog template just from its appearance but should first check whether template already has a good SEO scores.


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